Data Strategy

Are you ready to unleash the potential of your business?

The Data Strategy Program answers three crucial challenges of most enterprises: the crescent pressure of disruptive technologies in the value chain; the crescent need for fast, effective, and impactful decision making; and the need for scalability on Data Science (DS) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) projects.

The data strategy program helps you achieve your organizational goals by drilling down to your core business needs and creating an achievable plan for the future.

Its five-step process is designed to simultaneously tackle the crucial concerns of most businesses and the unique goals and needs of your business to bring a holistic approach that combines a market view with technical solutions.

This helps your business increase the chances of success on data initiatives and digital transformation investments by aligning the unique business strategy and stakeholders' needs and wants with the technology.


Being ready to collect, store, and organize your data will increase the chance of success!

There are 2.5 quintillion bytes of data created each day, however, despite all the technology available, only a fraction of this volume is processed and transformed into actionable information.

With this module you will be able to oversee how your data flows across the company. You will also receive recommendations on the feasible next steps regarding your data-driven path.

Executive Team

Together with the company executives, we'll study the company fundamentals (vision, mission, values, strategy) and current wants and needs and we'll help the executives translate those into something more concrete that engineers and other technical roles in the organization will be able to understand effectively.

Data Engineers

We'll translate the executive decisions into concrete technical requirements for the expected needs of the data science and automation to come. During this stage, we'll discuss the creation and documentation of data lakes, data warehouses, and the fundamentals of security and privacy in these systems.

Business Monitoring

Strengthen your decisions with data and obtain automatically generated reports, dashboards and alerts

Using data, you can take the decision-making process to a new level. With the help of automatically and regularly generated reports, dashboards, and alerts, companies can easily understand what is happening in their business. You and your team will gain all the information needed for the day-to-day operations that greatly simplifies work.

Top/Middle Management
and Highly Specialized Roles

In this module, we work together with the top management and other highly specialized roles to understand what are the monitoring needs. Many companies want to track sales, productivity, effectiveness or risk but are unsure where to start. We'll list the needs, the measurables (KPI's) and the necessary alerts for these people, the end-users of the system.

Business Inteligence

A team of integration experts start collecting the information and transforming it so it can be placed on the data lake and data warehouse systems so a team of business intelligence experts can start developing dashboards and alerts for the whole organization.

Automation and Cost Reduction

Eliminate boring and repetitive tasks, reduce costs and time

We can help you identify bottlenecks and solve them with automation making sure the efforts are put on solving actual problems. Automations will also free up your employees’ time for more significant tasks maximizing the productivity of the operations.

Operations Team

After meeting with the operation managers for the different departments we go on by performing observations together with the operators. This means that instead of staying inside our office we actually sit down with your people and understand how they work and a technical solution can best help them be truly effective and efficient.

Automation experts

A team of automation experts develops customized solutions for your organization. This will be done through the integration of existing services using API's, or through the use of RPA solutions for when a system is too closed and a graphical interface needs to be used.

Privacy and Security

Ensure tranquility and clarity within your data processing and systems

Data is the oil of the 21st century, and cybersecurity, regulatory compliance, and personal privacy are the top 3 risks associated with AI and Data initiatives. Hence the need to ensure that your data is protected and compliant.


Data Protection Managers

We will define what protection systems are already in place, and what might need to be done in order to prevent information breaches or any other legal concerns regarding data privacy and security laws, such as GDPR in Europe and CCPA in the USA.

Technical Team and Legal Experts

Together, we translate the legal processes and decisions into technical solutions and actions, making sure the protection is systematic and as low maintenance as possible.

Revenue Growth

Make your company flourish by timely tracking the key indicators

You can grow your business by acquiring new customers and retaining the current ones. Some of the enhancements may include customer experience improvements, higher average return per user (ARPU), customer lifetime value (CLV), better retention, and brand reputation.

Marketing and Sales Team

We believe that the secret of revenue growth is in volume and pricing. On the volume, we'll work with the marketing and sales team to help you increase the number of new customers, retain and grow current ones, and leverage income-generating assets. In the price formation process, we use omnichannel sources that consider such metrics as an individual buying attitude of a customer, seasoning, and the competitors' pricing, so a real-time optimization model can be integrated.

Data Scientists

A team of data scientists will empower your marketing team through the deployment of different technical solutions such as clustering, visualizations, recommendation engines or chatbots and help you provide an automatic and scalable service customization that quickly adapts to changes.

Focus on the strategy

This plan adapts to your business strategy, not the other way around. All the business initiatives coming out of the program will be aligned with your business way of working and a holistic organization of the business minimizes the cost of changes.