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Business Intelligence

How data science is helping companies extract business insights from data.


Monitor you Business

Although often portrayed as a specific type of tool for data visualization, Business Intelligence (BI) covers data collection, organization, and analysis, as well as actions and monitoring. These pillars make it possible to make better business decisions based on facts exposed through data, which also makes it possible to predict the consequences of these decisions over time.

BI is seen by companies as a way to remain competitive even in challenging and saturated markets. This type of approach stands out for establishing a set of strategic actions focused exclusively on statistical findings. In this role, BI serves as a wise advisor, pointing out flaws and highlighting opportunities based on hard facts.

In general, BI involves bringing the right information to the right people at the right time. This requires asking the right questions and analyzing the data knowingly to understand the whys of the business, acting on them.

How to use BI in my company?

Applying BI requires more than choosing a good tool, and it certainly cannot be limited to a specific position or function. Professionals from various sectors of the company should be encouraged to use data as the basis for their decisions. But above all, it is crucial to remind them that this is not just about seeing obvious information on the dashboards.

It is necessary to be curious, search in-depth, and find the best solutions by also observing the data that are not on the surface. With everyone involved together, using BI as a form of mining, and not just consultation, the company will have a Business Intelligence strategy that works effectively.

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