Enlightenment.AI has been one of the 36 startups selected to take part in the final round of the European Data
Charles Darwin mentioned that “It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent. It is
Sales teams are wasting time, effort and money on leads with low probabilities of success. The big challenge is to
Due to Covid-19, customer behaviours changed. Unfortunately, consumers today are in an uncertain situation and the priorities are no longer
COVID-19 pandemic affected many business areas. Some companies currently do not have enough resources to process orders; some had to
It is well-known that artificial intelligence has over the years revolutionized industries and markets, so with Marketing it couldn't be
AI and Data Science have seen their way into Hollywood in many genres. These range from the father of computer
This post will provide you insights on how to deal with obstacles in your data analysis.
The purpose of this paper is to present examples of promising applications that are not commonly cited when addressing AI.
For a successful implementation of AI in business, the following 7 steps are of paramount importance. Each one contributes to