14 September, 2020

EAI has been selected for the EDI programme, as one of the brightest Big Data startups in Europe

Enlightenment.AI has been one of the 36 startups selected to take part in the final round of the European Data Incubator (EDI).
13 August, 2020


Charles Darwin mentioned that “It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent. It is the one that is most adaptable […]
28 June, 2020

Optimize your sales, focus on appropriate leads

Sales teams are wasting time, effort and money on leads with low probabilities of success. The big challenge is to identify the relevant leads where to […]
17 June, 2020

How to retain customers in these critical times

Due to Covid-19, customer behaviours changed. Unfortunately, consumers today are in an uncertain situation and the priorities are no longer the same as before. The obvious […]
2 June, 2020

Chatbot. A perfect solution to improve your Business Performance during a pandemic and after

COVID-19 pandemic affected many business areas. Some companies currently do not have enough resources to process orders; some had to cut the number of employees to […]
27 May, 2020

AI for Marketing – A revolutionary way to save time and money

It is well-known that artificial intelligence has over the years revolutionized industries and markets, so with Marketing it couldn’t be different. More and more companies and […]
1 May, 2020

11 movies about AI and Data Science you should watch

AI and Data Science have seen their way into Hollywood in many genres. These range from the father of computer science Alan Turing, to more recent […]
10 March, 2020

What To Do When You Feel Stuck In Your Data Analysis

This post will provide you insights on how to deal with obstacles in your data analysis.
3 October, 2019

Unexpected Ways AI is Helping Businesses

The purpose of this paper is to present examples of promising applications that are not commonly cited when addressing AI. We want the reader to think outside the box and be motivated to invest in that kind of solution, whatever the problem.